About Us

ELMAJESTE IMPORT EXPORT is a merger of several companies and cooperatives, coming from 3 continents, who decided to put their forces and expertise. And this, to offer a wide range of products ranging from spices to herbs through fruits and vegetables as well as petroleum products.

We made our debut in the world of import export in 2013. Despite a difficult start we have made every effort day after day and with rigor and hard work that ELMAJESTE IMPORT EXPORT remains in the lead.

What differentiates us from the competition is the exceptional quality of our products as well as the diversification of our products which are major assets for the company. You will quickly realize how amazing our products are.

In addition, our small teams work on great challenges in an honest collaboration with our customers.

In order to continue to offer the best service to our customers ELMAJESTE Import-Export is committed to staying tuned to them and provide them with quality merchandise at competitive prices.

We create experiences, and improve people's lives.

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